Saturday, March 6, 2010

Low (er) Carb Diet

This past week I have embarked on a lower carb diet (thanks Meagan!). I have previously done Atkin's and South Beach hardcore and lost tons of weight and thought they were so much easier than Weight Watcher's (I don't have time for all that counting mess!). FYI...I have been continuously thinking about my weight for the last, um, at least two decades, so this is not some new thought process going on here.

While having lunch with a friend she was mentioning another friend who did low carb 6 days a week then chose one day to eat whatever the crap they wanted. This really clicked with me and reminded me how well low carb eating had done for me in the past so I got right on it. For those of you familiar, I am doing a version (my own) of South Beach Phase 2. I can't do that hard core stuff anymore, it's frankly a giant pain in my a**. I hear that over time the 7th day binge subsides but today it's going strong and the three delicious carb-laden muffins I ate in under 2 minutes were ever so satisfying!!!

I'll update as this process goes on and is a resounding, overwhelming success!!! Hmmm, that's strange, where did the other half of that cake go?

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